Gym shopping

20 Jul

Thursday workout:  52 minutes elliptical.

I hate ending cardio workouts on a number that doesn’t end in a 0 or 5, but that is how sick I am of working out on stationary cardio machines.  As soon as the tv show ended that I was watching, I couldn’t even motivate myself to stay on the elliptical another 3 minutes.  haha.

Yesterday’s elliptical workout was done not on the machine in my building, but at a new gym I was testing out.  My old gym membership expires shortly.  I have been debating if I’d really need a new membership since I have (3 pieces of) cardio equipment and free weights in the gym in my building, but I figured since I won’t be running for awhile and am having motivational issues, access to a gym and group classes may help kick my butt back in gear.

The gym I went to, David Barton Gym, is like nothing I have ever experienced before.  I don’t even know how to describe it.  Very eclectic.

Here are a few pics from their website:

The entrance walking into the lobby area.

Lobby area. The gym’s windows overlook the river.

Walking into the main area of the gym.

Cardio equipment. They all have TVs and face the windows, which look over the river.

Meeting with the membership employee was a little intimidating.  I guess they only want members who have specific goals and so who have specific, goal-oriented workouts.  They don’t want a gym rat who just shows up to work out, jumping around from one cardio machine to another without any specific plan.   I like that mentality.

With my Northwestern discount, the monthly gym rate actually falls into the budget I had set for myself for what I was willing to pay per month, so I think I am going to join.  It is only about two blocks from my apartment, so I can easily walk or bike there : )  I haven’t decided yet if I’m going to join right now or first join a yoga studio for a month or two until my heel gets a little better.  I hate to leave you hanging in such huge suspense about what gym/studio I decide to join, so I’ll be sure to update as soon as I decide.  Haha ; )


On Wednesday night, after a LONG 48 hours that included my horrendous Monday night shift and then driving a total of 7 hours to Springfield and back the next day to sort out some crap regarding my physician license application, everything got taken care of, and I was finally able to relax.

Dean and I decided to “celebrate” getting everything resolved by going to PourHouse to grab a beer (or two, or three).  They had an extensive menu that was pages long because of all their beer choices.  My kind of bar!  We each got a sample of a variety of beers:

AND….we each took pictures of our beers (duh).

All of my beers were at least 8% alcohol content.  My favorite one was an 11% Belgian Beer, the one in the middle, that I discovered when I went there the week before with my friend Usha.  Highly recommend it.  It tastes even better if you’ve had a really shitty day.   Yup, I don’t mess around.  Go big or go home : )

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2 Responses to “Gym shopping”

  1. loramarie03 July 20, 2012 at 9:13 pm #

    Wow what a cool looking gym!!

  2. Losing Lindy July 21, 2012 at 8:38 pm #

    I would have been so intimidated at that gym.

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