Two things on my flight out to NYC that have never happened before

11 Jan

Good evening from NYC!  Dean has a business meeting in NYC this weekend and the beginning of next week, so I decided to come along to spend a few days in one of my favorite cities and to spend some time with my grandparents in nearby Connecticut.  My grandfather will be 93 in around two weeks, and my grandmother will be 90 this June…I treasure every minute I get to spend with them.

Two things happened to me on my flight out here that have never happened before:

1.  I got an A boarding pass on Southwest.  This NEVER happens.  I am always in the B’s…even when I sign in 23 hours and 59 minutes prior to my flight.   One time I literally checked in as early as I could the day before and ended up with something in the mid B’s.  Dean didn’t check in at all and just waited until he got to the airport and ended up with an A boarding pass.  How unfair is that?!IMG_6146

2.  When going through security, I didn’t have to take off my shoes or take my computer out of my bag.  I had to ask the security guy to repeat himself twice, because I didn’t think I had heard him right.  Has that ever happened to anyone else?

However, two things happened that ALWAYS happen when I go to the airport and fly:

1.  I spent 5 minutes in the airport store doing some quality reading:


2.  I completely freaked out during the flight when we hit some heavy turbulence.  I’m totally fine on flights if they’re smooth, but I have a complete phobia of flying through turbulence.  I nearly bruised Dean’s arm I was grabbing it so hard.

Tonight I spent the evening watching figure skating.  I said this on my instagram post, but the funny thing is, I still consider myself having been a “figure skater”, but I don’t really consider myself a “runner”.   On short descriptions of myself for the purpose of using less words, I will use the word “runner”, but when people ask me if I’m a runner, I answer them by saying, “well…I like to run”.  I think my different views of myself as a figure skater vs runner stems from the fact that growing up, figure skating was my main passion.  I would do anything for the sport, and all my near future goals at the time had to do with figure skating.  As you get older, though, you develop other areas of your life…you have a career, more intense relationships, have bills to pay, start a family, etc.  You suddenly realize that athletics/running is just one of many aspects of your life….yes, it is something I love and is a priority amongst other things in my life, but it does not define me, or at least I try not to allow it to define me.

But yes, I do talk about it a lot, because well, although this blog is all over the place depending on the day and my mood at any given moment, it’s one consistent focus has been running : ), and speaking of running, I will be running a ten mile race in Central Park tomorrow morning with Dean.   It’s supposed to be sunny and in the 40s, so I’m pretty pumped about that.

Still to come intermixed with other random posts:  a recap of the half-marathoon I did at 7.5 weeks, first-trimester recap, and running while pregnant.

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2 Responses to “Two things on my flight out to NYC that have never happened before”

  1. 2 Cups 'N Run January 11, 2014 at 11:34 pm #

    TSA is trying a new program, when I was in JFK last week a few people where randomly selected (we had to touch an IPad and it would tell us to go left or right) to try this new program. If you went right it was the normal long line / take off your shoes thing, if you went left, no line / don’t take off your shoes just walk through.

  2. peachylau January 12, 2014 at 3:29 am #

    Enjoy NYC

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