Personal and Random Entries

11/01/10: Happy Halloween to All and 60th Birthday to My Dad: Pics from my father’s 60th birthday party.

1/1/11: 2011 New Year Resolutions

3/31/11: People I admire: Moms (even though I am far from being one!): How what I’ve admired has changed over the years.

5/16/11: Night. My thoughts on this extremely well-written, haunting memoir.

5/21/11: Pictures of how my sister earns money vs. how I do….

10/20/11: One Year : ) Dean and my one year anniversary.

10/28/11: Addictive Personalities: Reflections on myself and others who turn to hobbies and other habbits for their identity

11/1/11: Family: A picture of my mom, my sister, and I.

11/5/11: What is Love: What I’ve learned from my relationship with Dean.

1/25/12: Happy 91st Birthday to an Amazing Man (my grandfather)

3/5/12:  Reevaluating priorities and decisions  finding balance while “growing up”

4/17/12:  Six years ago today…–on how much I’ve gone through since being a medical student 6 years ago….a reflection on how things have changed.

5/14/12:  Time Management.

8/20/12:  Dean’s Proposal

11/22/12:  The death of a friend and what I am grateful for

12/7/12:  Engagement/Pre-Wedding Photos

12/10/12:  My next marathon and on being balanced:  What exactly does it mean to be “balanced”?

12/15/12:  On yesterday’s tragedy  Thoughts following the Newtown tragedy.

12/16/12:  Personality types and the most poisonous animal on Earth:  What’s your personality type?

5/25/12:  Christmas in KC and remembering what is important.

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