A few life updates

24 Jun

Hello all!  Sorry I’ve been MIA lately with the blog.  Things just got so busy with the move and with work/residency that something had to give, so I took a little break from writing.

We’re pretty much mostly settled into our new place and getting back to a regular schedule, so hopefully I will get back to writing regularly again.

I don’t have much to say right now, but will just fill ya in on a few updates:



I am absolutely in love with our new place!    I LOVE the view.  I LOVE all the space we have, and I LOVE the area.   We essentially have a two bedroom, so the second bedroom is set up like an office area.  We have a lot of closet space, and we agreed that I get 3/4 of the closet space, so it works out perfectly : )

I’m further from the hospital than I was before.  I used to be able to walk to work in about 7 minutes.  Now I have a ten minute bike ride.  I know…. such a rough commute ; ).  In the winter I will probably take the bus to work, which is a straight shot to the hospital and probably only about a 15 minute ride.

Moving has been a slow, exhausting process.  It literally had me wiped out the entire week, and then the next weekend I had to cover a night shift, which took another several days to recover from.  This weekend I FINALLY had some time to recover from everything.  I was more tired than I thought and fell asleep watching TV with Dean at 7 pm Friday night.  True story.  I’m such a boring girlfriend.  Haha.

So here’s what our place originally looked like when we first moved in:

Looks like an episode from Hoarders, right?  Haha.

A week later we got it looking like this:

We still have some work to do, which I’m hoping we’ll get done by tonight!



In addition to taking a break from writing, I’ve taken a break from working out.  I’ve hardly worked out at all the past 2-3 weeks.  I have just been too tired and figured it was a good time to let my heel heal.   I’ve decided that what I have is bad plantar fasciitis (pf), which unfortunately can take a long frickin time to heal.  I had no idea how painful pf could be!  I was forcing Dean to try to massage it out, and I literally jumped off the couch it hurt so much.  I originally thought it was fractured, because it was so focally tender in some spots, but then I sorta “accidentally” stuck my foot in the xray beam when I was working in the fluoroscopy room and didn’t see any fracture line : )

Anyone else dealt with pf?  How long did it take to get better?  What did you do to treat it?



Yesterday, June 23rd, was my birthday!  I am officially 21 + 10 ; )

I could tell Dean really wanted to go out for brunch yesterday for my birthday.  He was asking me where I wanted to go, hinting that Milk and Honey would be a really great place for breakfast.  Instead I made him go for a run with me and told him we had to run as many miles as I am years old.  Ha, right….. we maybe ran 20% of that.  It felt good to run again, although the first couple of minutes were really rough for some reason.  I was literally winded 20 seconds into our run!

We’re probably about a 1-1.5 miles from the lake. We ran along the river on our way east towards the lake.

We then ran through Millennium Park, where they were having a free dance aerobics class. I just love this city!   I couldn’t convince Dean to participate : )

Such a beautiful day.

People probably thought we were tourists. Haha. I never get bored of Chicago! Look at this pic compared to the one above it. What a difference the various settings on the camera can make! On the one above, I had it set to the “vivid” setting and manually controlled the amount of exposure. In this pic, since I was having someone else take it, I had it set on the “auto” setting. If you have a canon camera, play around with the manual settings. It makes such a difference with how the pics turn out. Don’t just use the auto setting!

It was Bethany and TJ’s wedding last night. Bethany looked absolutely gorgeous! Bethany and I skated together in college and were roommates my senior year. Congrats Bethany!!

Bethany and TJ’s first dance as newlyweds!! Bethany is about 6 feet tall, so you can imagine how tall TJ is! TJ played basketball at Yale.

Daddy daughter dance. I always just love when the bride and groom dance with their father/mother. It always makes me a little tear eyed.

The wedding was great, and when Bethany’s father was giving his speech, he had me stand up and announced it was my birthday, and then everyone sang me happy birthday.  Super sweet : )


Hope everyone has been having a good summer so far!  Again, sorry for being MIA.  Not just form the blog, but to those who have written me and to several of my friends to whom I owe phone calls to.  I miss you and just got really bogged down with everything going on.


Any exciting summer trips planned?

Dean and I are traveling to wedding in the Seattle area in the beginning of July.  I am really excited, because the Pacific Northwest is the one area of the United States I have not been to and have always wanted to visit.

Most annoying/stubborn running injury?

9 Responses to “A few life updates”

  1. Losing Lindy June 24, 2012 at 11:25 am #

    I had PF, months of physical therapy, rest, and getting the right shoes.

    Then I got tendinitis in both feet.😦

  2. Kristy (@KrisRunTri) June 24, 2012 at 11:38 am #

    thank god you accidentally got caught in the x-ray machine… knowing it’s not a fracture is a relief! I haven’t had PF… but I think all injuries take time and rest… cross training is prob a good idea for a bit w/ minimal running. Hope it’s feeling better soon. And Happy Birthday!

    • Julia June 27, 2012 at 4:59 am #

      You’re right about the resting. Never what anyone wants to hear, but the best way to allow something to heal. That’s what I’ve been doing over the past several weeks, but it’s discouraging about how slow this is resolving despite the rest! Thankfully, work and the move is keeping me busy enough to not focus on not running, and my next race isn’t until December, so I guess this is the best time to take it easy. Still stinks, though.

  3. movingonmyown June 24, 2012 at 12:35 pm #

    My mom’s been dealing with pf for decades. Has tried the shots in the foot and everything. It’s a daily struggle. : /

    • Julia June 27, 2012 at 4:56 am #

      Ughhh : ( Yeah, I hear pf is really hard to get rid of. I had no idea just how annoying and painful that little area of fascia could be!!

  4. runningthewindycity June 24, 2012 at 6:32 pm #

    Congrats on the move and getting settled in! I hope your pf heals soon!

    • Julia June 27, 2012 at 4:55 am #

      Thank you! I hope so, too, but it seems like it’s going to be one of those annoying nagging injuries that hangs around for awhile😦 At least it doesn’t affect my running! Just my ability to walk afterwards, ha.

  5. Jenn @ Run It My Way June 25, 2012 at 8:02 am #

    Congratulations on the move, the new place looks amazing!

    I was going to say back injuries are the worst, most annoying, stubborn injuries, but I guess that’s not really accurate.. My back injury isn’t a running injury, it’s a 2,000-pounds-of SUV + 125-lbs-of-driver-who-is-unclear-on-the-meaning-of-a-stop-sign injury. And it’s not so bad in terms of running because even though it’s insanely painful and unrelenting, at least running helps it – so I always have a very good reason why I should absolutely get out and run.

    I hope your foot is feeling better, PF is no fun. I had it when I was about 15 from gymnastics. From what I remember, orthotics were really helpful.

    • Julia June 27, 2012 at 4:54 am #

      I can’t imaging going through all that! Back injuries are the worse, because there’s pretty much no way to not move your back! Love how the running has helped you recover, though. What a great and inspirational story in regards to the running.

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