A track workout in 100 degree weather and off to the Seattle area!

5 Jul

Tuesday workout: 1 mile warm up, 6 x 400 sprints (in ~100 degree weather), strength training x 20 minutes

Wednesday workout: None.…16 hour day of traveling from Chicago to an island off of the Washington coast.

I got home from work Tuesday, and for some odd reason, I really felt like doing a track/speed workout. I have no idea where this desire sparked from, because a) I hate track workouts and b) I hate hot weather.

But after doing leisure elliptical workouts and slow fun runs over the past several weeks, an intensity had built up in me. I wanted to push myself to the limit. I wanted to focus all of my intensity on a workout. I wanted to finish my run feeling like I used up every bit of energy I had, leaving nothing to spare.

So, despite the temperature being in the 90s, with a heat index in the 100s from the humidity, I hopped on my bike and biked the mile and a half to the track.

I’ve been running very little lately because of my schedule and because of my heel, and the last time I did a track work was probably last August, so I did a relatively light track workout. I warmed up (as if I need to warm up…I was already sweating like crazy!) by running 4 laps to complete a mile. Then I ran one lap, 400 meters, followed by a 45 second rest. I did that 6 times, with each lap being around ~1:29.

The track near the hospital. The heat index was in the 100s, so I pretty much had the track to myself! Not many other people out there running.

I was originally going to do 8 400s, but the heat takes a lot out of you, and when I noticed my form starting to get slightly sloppy on the 5th and 6th laps, I decided that was enough. Speed/track workouts should be eased into. I still had energy, so I biked over to my gym about ~1/2 mile away and got in some strength training exercises.

It felt sooooo good to work out HARD. I could’ve kept going, but time–not energy–was the limiting factor…It was 7:40 pm, and I had a very important errand to run before 8:00 when the store closed.

That important errand was getting new running shoes!!! Yes, three exclamation marks for that statement. You runners KNOW how exciting it is to get new running shoes. Me in a running store is like a kid in a toy store.

The last pair of running shoes I purchased, which was back in November, was the Mizuno Prophecy. Although they are probably the most comfortable shoes ever, I still like the Wave Creation better, and since my plantar fasciitis occurred when I was wearing the Prophecy shoes, I decided to go back to the Wave Creation.

I’ve always been disappointed by the fact that the Wave Creations never come in cool colors, but this time they did, and I picked out an awesome pink pair! Now I have shoes that will match my camera and my shuffle. Yes, I actually did think about this when I made the purchase ; )

It was love at first sight.

Now that I have somehow managed to write multiple paragraphs talking about a single track workout and a new pair of shoes, I will move on, for those of you who have not lost interest yet.

One of Dean’s really good friends is getting married this weekend on Orcas Island, an island off the coast of Washington. Their wedding is on Saturday, and I was fortunate to get Thursday and Friday off of work, so Dean and I traveled out West yesterday, the fourth, and will be here until Sunday.

It was a LONG day of traveling. We left for the airport around 6:20 am central time, our flight left at 8:35, and we didn’t land in Seattle until 1:45 Pacific time….That was already a long day of traveling, but we were only half way there at that point! We then had to wait around and catch a shuttle leaving from the airport at 3:00 that dropped us off at a ferry port around 5:30 pm. Then we waited around and caught a ferry leaving the port at 7:20 pm, which finally dropped us off on Orcas Island by 8:35 pm (10:35 pm Central time).

On the ferry to Orcas Island!

Dean’s parents were already there, so they picked us up and dropped us off at the cabin house we had rented for our stay.

Dean and I were exhausted, but when we finally found the house (after getting somewhat lost on the curvy, desolate streets coursing through the island), it made the long day of traveling totally worth it. We have a little house with it’s own private little beach overlooking the bay. Across the bay, we could see mountains, including Mount Rainier!

Our little home for our stay here.

The view from our deck during sunset.

I love, love, LOVE nature, and this place is like a dream vacation spot for me. It’s so quiet here except for birds chirping, It smells like sand/ocean outside, the temperature is cool, we are surrounded by trees, we overlook the water, and at night, the sky becomes lit up by the moon and stars. Heaven. I would prefer a “simple” trip like this, HANDS DOWN, over a vacation to Vegas or some other big city. I just love feeling one with nature.

This morning, after enjoying coffee on the porch and exploring “our” beach, Dean left (about 45 minutes ago) to play golf with the other guys in the wedding. The other couple staying with us doesn’t get here until Friday, so I have the day to myself, which I am actually really excited about.

A relaxing morning….coffee outside on the deck.

A deer joined us for coffee this morning.

I can’t wait to just relax, read for fun, go for an island run, relax and maybe fall asleep outside on the deck, maybe have a glass fo wine later, take some pictures (duh) of the area, etc.

I love people and I’m excited to see all the girls and everyone else later tonight, but having a relaxing half day to myself is something I treasure.

So with that, I will post some pictures and get ready to go for a run.

Don’t be shocked if you see another blog post from me today. I’ve got a lot of free time on my hands : ). Also, beware, there will be lots of pictures in the upcoming posts : )



Ever been to the Seattle area?

I have never been to the Pacific Northwest. People have always told me I would love it out here, and so it is living up to my expectations!

Do you own any cool colored gym shoes? What color are they??

What’s the hottest weather you’ve ran in?

Big city or naturesque destination for vacation?

Are you someone who would enjoy a day to yourself or would you be totally bored?

I’m 110% introverted, so I love and need time to myself.


A few more pics because I never get sick of taking pictures ; ) :

We had a layover in Reno. Dean has never been in Nevada, and so he didn’t believe me when I told him there were slot machines at the airport. He had no interest in gambling, though, because he was instead addicted to this fish game he discovered on my iphone that I had downloaded for his 3 year old nephew to play with. Apparently it is just as entertaining to a 28 year old man. Dean’s been addicted to this game for days now. He becomes extremely focused when it comes to video games. Haha.

I, on the other hand, had bought a book to read at the airport. The only time I read for “fun” is on trips, because otherwise if I spend time reading, I feel like it should be radiology related. I was temped to act like a normal young adult and purchase 50 Shades of Grey, but instead I bought this nonfiction book about the history of cancer. Yes, only I would choose a scientific book to read for fun on vacation. Haha. Nerd alert. But seriously, I’ve always been intrigued by cancer and the courageous stories of people who must deal with this evil creature , and so this book seemed really fascinating to me…and it is! I read through over 100 pages of it yesterday and can’t wait to read more. The author some how takes what could be a dry subject and turns into a fascinating page turner.

In addition to doing some quality reading from the book above, Dean and I also did some browsing through the Sky Mail catalogue. I came across this body slimming body suit in the catalogue…I just don’t understand these things. Do they really make you look thinner? What if you have to go to the bathroom. What if someone wearing this decides to go home with a guy. That would make for some awkward moments. Ha.

2 Responses to “A track workout in 100 degree weather and off to the Seattle area!”

  1. Kristy (@KrisRunTri) July 6, 2012 at 4:27 pm #

    Way to go on that track work out.. I bet that felt awesome. How is the heel feeling?

    OMG that place looks amazing! That’s exactly the kind of vaca I like too… well I like all vaca’s. Never been to Seattle. Hope you had an amazing trip!

  2. Patricia Awapara July 10, 2012 at 1:23 pm #

    Congrats on your workout! Hope you feel better. The pictures are amazing!

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