The thing that drives me insane

24 Jul

Tuesday workout:  45 minutes elliptical

I was going to do another yoga class today, but after biking home from my shift in the morning in the pouring rain, I decided I didn’t want to battle the rain and lightening again and decided working out in my apartment building sounded like a better plan.

Plus, I needed to wash my yoga matt/towels.  I have two of those yoga towels that you lay on top of your rubber matt….the ones that soak up all your sweat and keep the matt from getting slippery.

When it comes to yoga, I can’t live without my yoga towel. However, it has to be clean.


I sweat a ton during the hot yoga classes, so the thought of reusing a dirty, sweat infused towel just grosses me out.  Yesterday, someone apparently sat next to me in class who smelled like moldy sweat.  Even though I was wearing clean clothes and using a freshly washed yoga towel, I got paranoid it was me and started trying to discreetly smell my armpits and my towel.  Ughh.  It was nasty.  Smelly people and matts make deep yoga breathing a very unpleasant experience…especially in a steamy room.

When I finished my elliptical workout and laundry and went upstairs and start putting my clothes away, this happened to me:

That drives me INSANE!  For the love of God, why am I incapable of ending up with an even number of socks after I do laundry??!  I do not get it.  I double check the washer and dryer ever time, and yet some random lonely sock always ends up by itself.   Then I’m stuck with this dilemma, do I throw it in my drawer unmatched, dump everything out of my drawer and search for its soulmate, or just throw it out??  Tough decisions to make post-call.



4 Responses to “The thing that drives me insane”

  1. Kristy (@KristyH5) July 24, 2012 at 11:06 am #

    totally with you on the yogitoes… although they are $$$ they are so worth it. um and nothing worse than a stanky person in hot yoga.

    I hold on to the solo sock in the drawer in hopes its mate returns home safely. I’ve been waiting for a hot pink balega sock to return for alomst 2 years. they were new and not cheap. so I am having a hard time tossing it. or…. if i lose another balega sock, than the 2 odd can pair together… wow I really overthink missing socks problems.

  2. CultFit July 24, 2012 at 11:37 am #

    Your sock issue is the #1 reason why I am no longer allowed to do the wash. Keep it around … Who knows when the other one will decide to show back up:)

  3. runningthewindycity July 24, 2012 at 11:58 am #

    I always have missing socks and I hold on to them and try to match them with other lone socks. It’s a never ending circle!

  4. Losing Lindy July 25, 2012 at 9:57 pm #

    I always worry I smell too…these hot days makes things pretty stinky everywhere

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