Nashville and my upcoming surgery

4 Aug

Greetings from Nashville!

Dean and I are here for one of his best friend’s weddings.  This is my first time here, so I am pretty pumped.  We got in last night and then met several of the couples in town for the wedding at this elegant hotel for drinks (The Heritage I think it was called?).  We then headed over to this big bar with a stage and dance floor and did a little line dancing.  Quite fun.  The wedding is tomorrow, so we have a little time today to explore the city.

Other news:  I will be having sinus surgery next Friday.  This will actually be my third sinus surgery.  Growing up I had a lot of allergies and sinus problems, but the surgeries really helped, and I didn’t have anything more than an occasional sinus infection until around last summer.  Since then, I’ve basically had a baseline chronic sinus infection with multiple acute flair ups (like 8 since last summer?).  I finally went to an ENT doctor a couple of months ago who was really conservative, which I thought was good.  No imaging done at that time, we thought we’d just give some antibiotics and prednisone a try, which helped for a couple of weeks.  The last couple of weeks, though, I have felt miserable.

What do these sinus flare ups fill like?

-can’t breath through left side of the face

-feel like half of my face is pounding at times


-generalized fatigue and worn out feeling


-tons of gross post-nasal drip, which leaves me feeling nauseous at times

I finally went back to the doctor and he suggested a CT scan at this point.  It was kinda cool, they have this mini CT scan right in there office!  I was a little nervous because I was afraid if my sinuses were clear, he’d be like wow, this is the biggest whiner and complainer ever, but if they were bad, then I might have to go down the road of having sinus surgery again.

The scan took maybe 30 seconds, and when he showed me the images immediately after, which showed every single sinus affected and at least one of my sinuses just about completely opacified.  He basically told me this wouldn’t clear on it’s own, and I would need surgery again.  I was a little bit in shock by how bad it looked and by how all of a sudden we were scheduling my surgery.   Kind of a lot to take in within a few minutes.  At the same time I felt a strange sense of relief by the fact that I wasn’t being a wimp for complaining …. there really was something wrong and now it could be (hopefully) fixed.  So, I’m scheduled for next Friday, because it was either then or not until several months.

Anyway, off to brunch now!

Dean and I at the hotel in Nashville where we met for drinks. For those of you who are astute, yes, that is the same Old Navy dress I wore the other night on our date night. haha.

Me with the beautiful bride to be. This was taken in the men’s restroom at the hotel. Don’t ask. Haha.






One Response to “Nashville and my upcoming surgery”

  1. runningthewindycity August 4, 2012 at 3:42 pm #

    I’m glad you’ll finally get some relief from your sinus issues! Surgery always sucks but if its what you need to feel normal, it’s worth it.

    Also, have fun this weekend:)

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