A day in Nashville

5 Aug

Dean and I were exhausted yesterday and slept in until after 10.  We had the whole day free until the rehearsal dinner, so we decided to explore the area around our hotel, which is near Music Row as well as somewhat near Vanderbilt.

When we first stepped outside yesterday morning, holy crap it felt like a steam sauna!  I HATE humidity!  The air felt so heavy.  Good thing I decided to not waste time styling my hair to wear it down!

We didn’t get very far in our exploration of Nashville.  First stop was a brunch place near our hotel, which had great food and for better or worse, a 2 for 1 special on drinks.

Out for brunch with our friends from Chicago, also here for the wedding.  Bill and Malia on the left are the ones who just got married out near Seattle.  Brian and Kristi are getting married this October.

Although it was a 2 for 1 drink special, I didn’t even make through my one bellini.  I just don’t have the stomach for drinking that I had in college!  haha.  Mostly, I think it was just from still feeling somewhat under the weather and dehydrated from the sinus issues.

We then walked pretty much across the street and hung out for awhile at this other local bar, which was a lot of fun.  We were there for awhile talking, playing bags, and playing matches against each other on the shuffle board.  It was fun….kinda reminded me of being back in college.

Our server insisted that if we were visiting Nashville for the first time, we had to try a Bushwacker drink. She didn’t have any problem convincing us to give it a try.

Good times.

Later that night, by the time the rehearsal dinner was about done at 11:30, I think the full day of drinking left Dean pretty dehydrated and thirsty:

Haha. Dean was a little thirsty : )

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