Exploring Vanderbilt and the sorority with the big girls

7 Aug

Workout plan:  elliptical and yoga

I am back in Chi-town again after a fun weekend in Nashville.  The wedding was on Sunday night and was lots of fun.  It was held outside, and aside from the inevitable Nashville humidity, the weather held up for it.

The only annoying thing was that during the actual wedding ceremony, my nose decided to start running, so for the whole ceremony I was sniffing and constantly holding a tissue up to my nose.  I’m sure people were like Wow, that girl is an emotional wreck, crying before the bride has even made her entrance.  The only other little mishap that was kinda funny was when the priest was having the bride and groom take their vows.  He turned to Meredith and was like, “Repeat after me:  I, take James….”  That would have been fine… except his name is BRANDON.  haha.  Seriously, though, the wedding and reception were wonderful.  Good food, cake, drinks, music, and great times.

I really, really liked the food.  It wasn’t super gourmet, which I liked, but was really good.  They had some Tennessee BBQ (pulled pork), and then steamed vegetables and salad amongst other options.  I liked the food, because it was tasty, had a local touch to it, and was healthy.

Dean and me at the wedding. I went with a $29.99 dress from Old Navy. These destination weddings and in anticipation with what my upcoming medical bills will be didn’t leave me with much of a budget for dress shopping (oh yeah, and my new gym membership and temporary yoga studio membership while my foot is injured contributed to that as well, : ). I was quite happy with the dress, though. Simple and perfect for an outdoor humid wedding.

Our flight didn’t leave until Monday night, so Dean and I walked around and explored the nearby Vanderbilt campus.  What a beautiful campus!  Very green….tons of trees and plants everywhere.

Vandy campus

Dean and me. Isn’t his hair cute when it’s non-gelled? : )  And wow, his arm looks massive with the camera at that angle.  That’s why I make him hold the camera for our pictures. : ) Love ya Dean.

We walked around the area with many of the sorority and frat houses, and I got really excited when I came across the AOPi house!

Aopi was the sorority I was in in college at Miami University.

Taken during rush my senior year.

 I was curious as to what AOPi’s reputation was like at Vandy, so I did some google research and came across this:

Alpha Omicron Pi: Like one of my friends said, “well, they always win greek week sorority football”.  Big girls but nice.

Dean looked at me and was like “That doesn’t sound like a sorority you’d be in!”  Haha.  I explained that Aopi at Miami was clearly super cool because I was in it.  Ha.  Ok, maybe it wasn’t for that reason : )

3 Responses to “Exploring Vanderbilt and the sorority with the big girls”

  1. Jen August 7, 2012 at 9:11 am #

    International headquarters is in Nashville too! It’s beautiful, too bad you couldn’t go see that!

    • Julia August 7, 2012 at 9:15 am #

      Seriously? Ahh, I guess I should’ve known that. Would’ve been fun to see!

  2. runningthewindycity August 7, 2012 at 3:33 pm #

    I’m glad you had a fun trip:)

    I was planning on applying to Vanderbilt for undergrad but after I got accepted at UofM and explored Ann Arbor, I changed my mind. A few of my high school friends went there and I always meant to visit but never made it.

    Your dress is cute!!

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