9 Aug

Thursday workout:  2 mile run, 1 hour 5 minutes on elliptical

It’s 12:30 pm, I am post call and have to work again tonight, I just got done working out, and here I am sitting on my couch drinking beer and eating pretzels with mustard.  What the heck is wrong with me?  Must be the German in me.  haha.  Although I honestly don’t normally crave pretzels, mustard and beer.  I was actually craving a white wine, but was too lazy to go back out and buy some.  Too bad there are no local wine/beer delivery services.

I think I am just nervous about tomorrow.  I really shouldn’t be, though.  The surgery I am having is a super minor, 1 and a half hour procedure for my sinuses…hardly anything to worry about compared to the much more complex surgeries other people have done.  I think I am just anxious because this all happened so fast, without much time for me to think things through.  I literally walked into my doctors office a week ago today annoyed that I was probably going to get scoped again and have to shell out another $300 out of pocket, and walked out of the office some 40 minutes later having planned surgery for the following Friday (tomorrow).  I keep thinking, should I have tried another round of antibiotics and prednisone?  I mean, I’m already feeling better having taken just one dose of prednisone.  Maybe I should have waited a little longer before deciding on surgery.

On the flip side, though, I keep having to remind myself that I dealt with EIGHT sinus flare ups this year (or something like that….I lost count) despite antibiotics and bursts of prednisone, and I felt pretty awful during these acute flare ups.  That’s not normal, and even in between acute flare ups when I felt “normal”, I was still having symptoms, at least according to my mom, who said I was coughing non-stop throughout the night when I was on vacation with them.  Plus, the CT I had done last week did look pretty awful.  **Sigh** I am just not someone comfortable with making such big decisions quickly.  I didn’t really have a choice, though, between my schedule and my surgeon’s schedule.  I mean, I’m literally fitting this in immediately after my night shift tonight.  There was just no other choice.  Thankfully the operating rooms are a convenient 5 minute walk from the ER reading room.

Anyways, sorry to whine/complain….I’m not looking for sympathy or “good luck tomorrow!” responses…seriously, please, none of  that….I’m just a little uneasy, which I suspect any person would be the day before a surgery, and when I am stressed, my outlets tend to be working out or writing.

On a lighter note, I ran this morning, and it felt GREAT!!  I taped up my heel/arch before heading over to the gym, and I experienced no pain during and after my run.  Granted, I only ran two miles, but still, it’s a start : )  I felt like I could’ve ran forever, but I figured I oughta start out with low mileage.  I’m hoping after this forced two week rest from my surgery I will be able to start working on building the running back up.  Can’t wait!

I saw this on a friend’s facebook timeline and thought it was funny : )



3 Responses to “Nerves”

  1. alex m August 9, 2012 at 2:42 pm #

    I think its normal to feel the way you do since its not something you were really planning for or expecting to happen all within the span of one week! Hope you have an easy recovery:)

  2. Kristy Hill (@KristyH5) August 9, 2012 at 2:54 pm #

    any surgery should bring some level of anxiety. I don’t blame you… and it was quick! Hope the recovery is quick also and you are feeling better soon! Glad to hear you were able to run too!!!

  3. Losing Lindy August 10, 2012 at 6:12 am #

    good luck today with your surgery. I love that ecard!

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