Ready to get active again!

24 Aug

I have literally spent the entire Friday evening on the couch watching tv and researching wedding venues.  I had intentions of running this evening, but when I got  back to my apartment starving and tired and saw all sorts of good food that Dean had picked up today, any motivation I had went out the door.  Instead of burning calories and getting a good sweat in, I chowed down on olives, brie cheese, crackers, salmon and wine.

Dang brie cheese!  It’s just too easy to eat way too much of that stuff!!

There’s no brie cheese on my plate because I had already eaten it all by the time I took the picture (not the hole wheel, just what was on my plate)

I found the wedding venue search to be rather frustrating.  I had a feeling a downtown Chicago would be too expensive, and what I have found so far has confirmed that.   I wasn’t originally thinking about doing a KC wedding, but my mom found this pretty awesome downtown KC venue that I could get really excited about and that seemed reasonably priced:

Awesome rooftop terrace.

Night view

KC is a great city!  It really is.  Obviously my family and several of my friends are still in the KC area, but the majority of Dean and my friends and potential guests would have to travel to KC, and if we’re already expecting people to travel, then why not have them travel to a place like Sonoma, you know?  KC could be fun, though.  So it’s an option.  I would definitely have to serve some KC BBQ.  haha.


It’s now been two weeks from surgery, I had my stents taken out, and have been given the A-Ok to resume all normal activities.  Stents, you ask?  Yup, when they drill through your sinuses, they have to make sure they keep everything open during the post-op period, so I had stents in my nose/sinuses.  Lovely, huh.  I didn’t really feel them, though, but I was terrified to get them taken out.  Why?  During my first post-op appointment, I felt a lot of pressure in my sinuses when the surgeon was scoping me and almost vasovagaled, aka passed out.  It was sooooo embarrassing, because there was another resident in the room (whom I knew form medical school) and a medical student, who all knew I was also a physician/resident.  Doctors aren’t supposed to pass out!  haha.  Oh well.  It was probably because I hadn’t eaten much that first week after my surgery and didn’t have lunch that day.  I was totally fine yesterday though!

For those curious, here is part of a picture my doctor sent me from my surgery.  They use 3-d reconstructed CT images to guide themselves through my sinuses during the procedure.  There’s a lot of complicated anatomy near a lot of important structures, like your eyes/vision and brain, so that’s in part why the bone drilling and suctioning is done under general anesthesia (well, and because of pain).  You don’t want to move when someone is that close to your eye and brain (especially if you’re a radiologist and your career depends on your vision)!

I only included part of the picture he sent me, because I figured no one would want to see the bloody inside of my nose taken from the scope camera.  haha.  Eeew.

Lovely, eh?

Where the green lines intersect is where I believe his scope was at the time.

Since I’ve been given the green light to work out again, I plan on running tomorrow morning.  So excited!  I miss my early Saturday morning long runs!


1.  Favorite type of cheese?

Brie and truffle cheese

2.  Olive fan?

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE olives.  Dean was actually mad at me tonight because I ate all the olives and only left him, like, three olives.   Oops.  ; )

3.  Ever passed out?  (not alcohol related)

I do when I’m sick and in response to certain types of pain.  It’s not the sight of things… I can watch people draw my own blood, but certain “deep” pains/pressures can make me woozy.  Same thing happens when I’m sick.   I had food poisoning once (that started on a four hour flight to California).  I was literally vomiting every 15 minutes.  When I got off the plane, I couldn’t walk more than ten feet at a time without almost passing out.  The airline almost called an ambulance for me but I refused to let them.  I wasn’t about to pay for a hospital visit and ambulance ride for some food poisoning!  What a waste of resources in my opinion.  Haha, the airlines did, though, set me up at a local hotel.  I think I slept for 30 hours straight.

2 Responses to “Ready to get active again!”

  1. Losing Lindy August 25, 2012 at 10:34 am #

    I am glad you are feeling better, next time tell Dean to get two containers of olives, and hide one from you.:)

    • Julia August 25, 2012 at 8:13 pm #

      haha. I told him that and he was like, “I’m definitely doing that next time!”

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