Back spasm misery

25 Aug

Anyone dealt with back/neck spasm before?  Ughhh, this is the worst.  I had no idea how painful a back spasm could be until two years ago.   I was always like, stiff back?  Just massage it out!  Well, two years ago I let a chiropractor student manipulate me after the Chicago Marathon.   Why they were letting chiropractor students practice on people right after a marathon is beyond me, but I let her stretch me out and said it was ok for her to manipulate me.  I had never been to a chiropractor, so I really didn’t know what was involved.  As soon as she “snapped” my back, I felt a twinge of discomfort in my left midback.  Then two to three days later, it went into a full spasm.  I literally couldn’t move.  Ever since then, I will often feel achy pain in my back in that same area.  Like, whenever I do my long runs, that muscle starts to cramp up.

Yesterday, I was sitting in lecture and stretched.  I immediately felt that spot in my back start to tighten.  Nothing terrible, just a little sore.  Then around 5 this morning I woke up unable to move.  My whole left trapezius was spasming again:

The trapezius, the muscle in read, is what is spasming right now. The entire muscle feels involved.

I woke Dean because I kept moving around in an attempt to sit up so I could get some medication, but was failing miserably and instead moving around like a beetle stuck on it’s back.  I kid you not.  haha. Dean got up to get me the medication, but I still couldn’t get myself to sit up to take it.  You don’t realize how many muscles are involved in supporting your head when you go from a sitting to standing position or vice versa!  I had to have Dean hold/support my head from both sides while I sat up.

Ughhh.  I guess I won’t be running today : (

Any advice??  I know I’m a doctor, but I don’t deal with this type of stuff normally.  I’ve actually debated going back to a quality, well-trained chiropractor.  I mean….if one little “snap” can cause all this discomfort for two years, then maybe a little “snap” can get everything back in place.  I’m totally scared of chiropractors, now, though.  Sorry, I know there are really good ones out there, but you can understand my fear now.

Well, anyway, I guess the point of this post was for me to vent since It’s now 6 am on a Saturday morning, I’m up, and there’s not much else all I can do but sit up very straight in this chair.  I guess this would be the perfect tome to catch up on some trash tv (Bachelor Pad)!  How awesome (if there were a sarcasm font, I’d use it here)….I traded my run in last night for brie and olives, and now I’m trading my Saturday morning run in for Bachelor Pad.  Ughhh.

Any advice for getting this back spasm to calm down is appreciated.  Also, to my Chicagoland friends, please let me know if you have any recs for a GOOD and EXPERIENCED chiropractor.

To end on a positive note, here is a picture I took yesterday while I was getting ready for work:

2 Responses to “Back spasm misery”

  1. Chris Reilly August 26, 2012 at 10:27 am #

    I smashed my head into the side boards playing hockey. 3 am woke up, unable to move my neck. Got some poor semblance of sleep, then went into Children’s for my 26 hour call. Only time I’ve ever done work / call under the influence, but it seems to be true – if you’re in real pain, narcotics don’t affect mentation. So, my nuclear cocktail (called in by my ED doc buddy) = skelaxin and vicodin.

    More mild cases I have treated with rest and q6h motrin for 2 days, tends to be enough.

    • Julia August 26, 2012 at 6:50 pm #

      Ughh, that must have been rough going into call at Children’s! thanks for the suggestions!

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