Pictures from the video montage Dean created for his proposal

25 Aug

So, I have pretty much been chair ridden all day because of these back spasms….its too painful to even lie down.  Just when I thought they were getting better earlier this morning, I accidentally tilted my neck back just ever so slightly, and the left trapezius went into a full out spasm again, worse than the first time.  I can barely move my head, move my left arm up, or even open my mouth wide (because you have to tilt your head back slightly to do so), which made swallowing pills very difficult.  My goodness, who knew this could be so bad!  Man, when it rains, it pours.  I feel like I’ve been complaining about everything lately!!

However, the good thing is, is that I have gotten a lot of stuff done today, like researching wedding stuff and working on my fellowship applications.  It feels so weird to be writing personal statements again!  I remember it took me forever to write my residency application personal statement, but this one felt much easier to do, and so I was able to punch out a rough draft fairly quickly.   I sent it to my parents for review….my dad is great at assessing the overall impression a piece of writing leaves him, and my mom has an amazing ability to identify every single grammatical or spelling error that I make.  I should have her proofread my blog posts more often!  haha.

Since I have so much time on my hands since I can’t do much other than sit very straight in front of a computer or tv, I decided to put together yet another blog post.

You remember from my engagement post about how after Dean proposed to me, he played a video montage he had created composed of several pictures of us over the years since we went on our first date on 10/2/10?  It was done on iphoto, and so I have no idea how to upload the montage with the music as he had put it together, but what I did was upload all the pictures he used and put them in the following slideshow.  Watching it again earlier today made my eyes water again : )  The slideshow below is not the same as watching it with the music and the background design he picked for the slide show, but it’s the best I can do.  The captions are what I added.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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