Ladies’ night and the battle against one’s body.

1 Sep

Wednesday workout:  3 mile TM run.  Felt so good!  Could have ran forever (but it was late at night and Dean and I still had to go out and get food).  I don’t know what it is about running….honestly, I think I’m a better cycler naturally….bicycling uses more similar muscles to those used for figure skating, which I did for 18 years, so I think I’m naturally built for for cycling, but there is something just so freeing and refreshing about running.

*Thursday night I went out for dinner and drinks with several of my girlfriends, something we had planned several weeks ago .  It’s funny…. as a kid during the summer, you can just meet all your of your friends at the pool or mall at a half hour’s notice.  Now you have to plan something weeks in advance because of everyone’s schedules in order to make it happen.  So worth it, though, and a reminder to me that as we get older, relationships take work.  It’s natural to prioritize your schedule around significant other/family and work, and to let social things get postponed until your schedule lightens up or you’re not so tired or whatever, but it’s so important to make/schedule time with those you care about.  It IS a priority, and something I have to be better about, especially when it comes to calling my friends in other states.

Drinks at Sunda.

Ladies’ night! We started off at Sunda for drinks and food.

Then made our way over to Hubbard Inn.

My only “regret” of the night was having that last glass of wine at Hubbard Inn.  I was definitely struggling a bit the next day.  Haha.  Totally worth it, though.

*I had to be at work by around 6:45 the next morning for a conference.  There is a joint breast imaging-pathology conference every Friday.  Every day in the breast imaging department there are several women who get biopsied as part of their workup for beast cancer if there was something suspicious that was seen on their imaging.   After a biopsy, we send the breast tissue to the pathology department, and the pathologist analyzes it and determines whether there is cancer in it or not.  When the results come back, we have determine whether the results are concordant with the imaging findings, and then call the patient with the results.   On Fridays, we review some of the cases from the past week with our department and the pathologist, so we see the mammographic findings of a cancer immediately followed by what it looks like at a cellular level.

When I was sitting there at conference Friday morning and looking at the actual cancer cells magnified through a microscope, I was amazed and humbled.  Here we are as physicians doing all we can to fight this horrible disease we call cancer, and what are we fighting against?  We are battling what starts as single microscopic cell born in and of our own body.


We always refer to cancer as some horrible entity that needs to be removed from our body (which is true), but the scary and humbling thing is is that it IS our body in a sense.  We are all composed of billions of individual cells that make up our organs and other body parts, and cancer is “simply” another one of those cells that is born like any other cell, but is born with an ability to grow faster than our other cells and that does not follow instructions as to when to stop growing.  ONE cell is what leads to so much pain and suffering, and here we are in 2012 trying to figure out how to fight this battle against our own bodies.  My God I hope we do figure it out, but it is so hard to do, especially when the cells we are fighting sneakily infiltrate and invade other structures, often not manifesting until it has spread elsewhere.  And there lies the problem:  you have to kill the person’s mutant (cancer) cells without killing off all the good cells and thus killing the person.  That’s why cancer is often not curable after it spreads.  Ughh, so maddening….so maddening that it is one’s own body, beyond one’s control, that has the ability to painfully kill itself.

2 Responses to “Ladies’ night and the battle against one’s body.”

  1. Losing Lindy September 1, 2012 at 7:49 pm #

    I am not sure if I am supposed to be able to see, but i cannot see Morton Arboretum’s entry. I need a password, We are members there. WE love it.

    • Julia September 1, 2012 at 7:53 pm #

      Today was the first time I have ever been there, and we loved it! I actually do have it set on a password, because I’m using it as a means to communicate with my parents about a potential wedding venue, so it includes pictures and pricing information for them to view. I will probably post the pics in a later post from this weekend, without the pricing information.

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