Labor Day Bike Adventure

3 Sep

Monday workout:  ~40 mile bike ride to Wilmette and back, while checking out some potential venues along the way.

We figured that if we had to look at some wedding venues up north, we might as well make a biking trip out of it, so that’s what we did!  It was a beautiful day, and thankfully the roads weren’t too crowded thanks to the holiday weekend.  The lakefront path, on the other hand, was sorta ridiculously crowded and down right annoying to bike ride on.

Baha’i Temple, Wilmette.

Taking a little biking break and strolling around Baha’i Temple.

Around Baha’i Temple. The gardens were beautiful.

A ladybug on one of the flowers at Baha’i Temple.

On Evanston Campus.

After we got back from our long day of biking, we quickly got ready to make it over to Kia and Ashley’s BBQ, because a Labor Day isn’t complete without a BBQ!

We went by this cool wine/beer shop called Lush and picked out 6 beers.  One of the ones we picked out I had a feeling was pretty strong (there was no alcohol content on the bottle), but it wasn’t until I googled it that I realized it had 18% alcohol content!!!  Holy crap!  We decided to save that for another night when we didn’t have to work the next morning!

Kia in her Grill Master apron!

At the BBQ.

One Response to “Labor Day Bike Adventure”

  1. Losing Lindy September 4, 2012 at 9:26 pm #

    such beautiful locations, any would be pretty

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