Good Beer and Healthy Veggie Nachos

5 Sep

I need to sign up for a race ASAP.  Having a race and date that you are committed forces you to be consistent about working out, even when you’re tired.  I’ve had some amazing runs in the past when I initially felt exhausted and felt like doing anything BUT running, but headed out from my run anyway because I knew I had a race coming up and was committed to working out.  Today I got home from work, and all I could think about was crashing on the couch and not moving the rest of the night.  I was/am exhausted.  Originally I had wanted to run, but I couldn’t gather up the motivation to.  Instead, Dean and I decided to give a new beer we had bought the other day a try.

Had I had a race in the near future, I would’ve been like, “Julia, stop whining, get your as$ out the door and get your run on.”  I’m debating if I should just sign up for CIM in December to get myself motivated and moving.  On the other hand, I really DO have a ton to do in regards to residency and wedding planning, so maybe it’s better I don’t get too committed to running obsessively?

I have always been somewhat of a beer snob.  Like, I would never waste money on a bud or miller lite.   Eew.  Ever since I started dating Dean, I have become an even bigger beer snob thanks to him.  I’m now obsessed with double IPAs, and anything with less alcohol content tastes watered down to me.

Fyi, for a snack with my beer, I made veggie nachos.  Huh?  When I drink, I crave food, and I usually crave greasy salty food.  Greasy salty food combined with the calories already present in beer = a lot of extra calories.  So when I crave nachos, I slice up some veggies very thinly, such as zuchini, carrots, or radishes, and melt cheese on it (I used fat free just now….fat free cheeses today are actually a lot better tasting than they used to be), add a little salt on them, spray on a little butter spray, and then dip them in salsa.  Totally healthy snack that you can eat guilt free!


Have trouble being consistent with workouts if you don’t have a race or event planned that you’re training for?

Beer snob?  Favorite kind?

2 Responses to “Good Beer and Healthy Veggie Nachos”

  1. Kristy Hill (@KristyH5) September 5, 2012 at 9:30 pm #

    I’m a total beer snob too! beer is def my drink of choice.

  2. Siobhan September 6, 2012 at 12:41 pm #

    I definitely need a race or goal to keep me going! Right now I’m working towards my first marathon! And guilty- I’m a beer snob.

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