Zombie Dust at the end of our run

19 Sep

Tuesday workout:  ~5.5 mile run

This will be short, as I want to get some studying in before I have to be at work….

Yesterday I made up my mind that no matter what, I was running when I got home from work.  I prefer running in the morning, because you just get up and go….nothing to get in the way, but right now with my schedule, it’s not really an option.  When I workout in the afternoon, things like fatigue and hunger often weaken my resolve to run, so when I got home, I didn’t even let myself sit down for a second.  I went straight to my closet, threw on running clothes, and then Dean and I headed out for our run.

It was beautiful out!  I just love fall….def my most favorite season.  Even though I prefer running in the morning, there is a certain peacefulness about running at night.

Before we started out on our run, Dean and I had decided to end our run at a bar for dinner and a beer.  Dean loves craft beer (as do I) and had called multiple bars to find one that had this one particular beer (Zombie Dust) that he absolutely loves.  The one bar he found that had it on draft was this place near DePaul, so we ended our run there, had dinner and a beer, and then took a cab back home.

Below are the pics:

Rooftop view before starting on our run.

Beautiful sunset

Near North Avenue Beach

The small bar we went to. Dean and I love smaller, laidback bars with good beer, where you can literally run into with running clothes on and enjoy a beer with food.

Our reward for finishing our run: Zombie Dust. It lived up to my expectations. Delicious double IPA.

The inside of the bar we went to. Looks a little scary, haha. Cool place though. I love exploring hole in the wall places.

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