Somebody pinch me…is this really Chicago?!

23 Sep

Saturday workout:  3 hour bike ride

Yesterday afternoon we hopped on our bikes and headed south.  We had no specific route in mind…just wanted to find some areas where we had never been before, and we were successful!

We biked pretty far south on Halsted, then biked around near the Sox stadium, then headed over to the lakefront, then explored Jackson Park, then biked around Hyde Park, and then made our way back.  We love exploring new, hole in the wall bars/restaurants, so we ended our bike ride by stopping by a bar near our place and grabbing some food.

Near the Sox stadium.

Crossing over the bridge to get to the lakefront.

The view from the bridge, looking back at the city. I just love finding new viewpoints of the city!!

Finally made it to the lakefront!  You’ll notice that there’s a shadow over Dean.  I didn’t get many pictures after this with my camera because something got on the lens in the inside of the camera.  I was pissed, but luckily Dean’s iphone 4 takes pretty decent pictures.

Our shadows.

Going off the main lakefront path to do a little exploring…

… It was a beautiful view!

There are just so many beautiful places to explore in Chicago!!

We decided to “explore” this beautiful beach house down south on the lakefront.  I had passed it tons of times but had never explored the “inside”, which was a big open patio.

Checking out this huge beach house/forte. It was really cool….I wonder what people use it for.

My favorite part of our bike ride was this part….we decided to bike through Jackson Park and found this unpaved path near the lake within the park. It was breakthtakingly beautiful! It was just so peaceful and you could hear the leaves rustling in the breeze (I just love that sound!). I couldn’t believe this area was in Chicago just off of the lakefront!! Felt like I was in some remote nature spot. It was surreal (hence the title of this post)…

Jackson Park. Somebody pinch me…is this really Chicago???

Jackson Park.

Jackson Park, instagrammed.

Jackson Park. Peering through the trees at the sunsetting.

Museum of Science and Industry, my favorite Chicago museum!

View of the city as we were biking back.  The iphone 4 takes pretty decent pics, eh?  Not too shabby!

View of the city as we were biking back.

Where we stopped for some food at the end of our ride.

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  1. Losing Lindy September 23, 2012 at 10:55 am #

    looks fabulous

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