Six random things from fb to abortion

12 Oct

1.  I clearly enjoy facebook and post links to my blog, photographs, and quotes, but let me tell you….. I am so glad I didn’t have facebook in college.

2.  I’m quite sick of seeing political posts on fb.  It’s one thing to support a candidate on fb, but when statements are made that directly or indirectly criticize those who support a certain candidate annoy the heck out of me.  Your post is not going to change who I support!

3.  I will not go into a long debate about abortion.  If you want to hear my thoughts, you’ll have to ask me (I’ve taken a course and done lots of reading on the ethics of the newborn….by no means am I saying an expert… just it’s a complicated topic that I find very interesting), but I will comment on one thing:  I’ve never understood the argument that “abortion should be outlawed, but it’s ok if you were raped.”  If one is going to give rights to the unborn, then it shouldn’t matter whether they were raped or not.  Either you’re pro-LIFE or your pro-CHOICE.  Please note that I am not currently making any statement on pro-life vs pro-choice….all I am saying right now is that I just don’t understand the philosophy around those who make exceptions in their argument.

4.  Still trying to decide if I should run CIM this year.  I basically haven’t ran in the past two weeks because of my schedule, and I wasn’t exactly in running shape before.   On the other hand, I have gotten ready for a marathon in 6 weeks before….what to do, what to do.  I have til the 15th to decide!  Perhaps I could do the Phoenix marathon in January instead, since I will have a much lighter schedule in December.

5.  I love fall and winter marathon training.

6.  I now have the DJ, wedding photographer, and venue set for my wedding!  Now onto the dress shopping, which I’ve been looking forward to!   : )   : )  : )

2 Responses to “Six random things from fb to abortion”

  1. alex October 12, 2012 at 8:43 am #

    I’d love to hear your view on abortion from a medical standpoint. I used to be completely pro-life but as I get older I have realized that its ok for me to be pro-life in my own life but that its ok for others to make a different choice. What they do with their life is their business and their decisions that they make are the ones they have to deal with, no matter what they choose to do

    • Julia October 14, 2012 at 7:35 am #

      Well, it’s clearly a very complicated issue. What it comes down to is how do you define a human and when does human life start? It may sound like an easy question, but try coming up with a definition for human life that differentiates it from other living things… Do you define it as when you can detect a heart beat at 4 weeks? Ok, but then what about every other living creature with a heart beat. Do you apply the same rights to them because they have a heart beat? What about the ability for higher mental thinking and processing: let’s say the ability to feel empathy or to plan an action ahead of time. That may differentiate humans from some animals, but then you couldn’t really apply that to babies even after they are born, which would mean it would be ok to kill a newborn, or even a person with mental illness.

      For me, I think it is too hard to try to use a definition as to what makes a human a human as a guideline as to when you give a human its rights. You just can’t without affecting the rights of some people with mental illness, sickness, old age, etc. So what I use is the potential for human life, which I believe starts at conception. Yes, I am Christian, but this is independent of my Christian beliefs. I was against abortion when I was agnostic/not Christian, and I still am today after trying to explore the issue from various standpoints and rationalize as to when human life starts.

      Ultimately, though, I have come to the same stance you have. I am (reluctantly) ok with the law the way it is, as I recognize defining life and human rights is actually a complex issue. If someone truly does not believe a human life begins until it is born, then fine, let them have an abortion…it’s not like they’re forcing me to have an abortion. However, just as I am recognizing that we all have different views and that I shouldn’t be allowed to force my pro-life views on someone legally, I expect people of the opposite belief to give me the same respect. What do I mean by this? Because I am strongly personally against abortion, I do not want to be forced to support it in any way, shape or form, and that includes supporting it monetarily via taxes/government funding.

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