The addicting snack being banned from schools

20 Oct

Friday workout:  60 minutes of hell, otherwise known as a spin class

I was originally thinking about taking a yoga class Friday, to stretch out my legs from Thursday’s tempo run and in preparation for Saturday’s planned 16 mile run.  I was sorta in an intense mood Friday afternoon, so I decided I wanted to do a spin class instead, to spin off all of my intensity.  Luckily my gym had a class from 6:30-7:30, which was perfect timing.  My old gym would have evening classes starting at 5:30 or 5:45, which always pissed me off….who the heck can make it home from work, change, and make a 5:30 class??

Anyway, I was determined to make this class, and since it requires a sign in sheet, I got there early to make sure it didn’t fill up, before they even put the sign up sheet up.  I wanted to be the first one on the list to guarantee a spot.  I eagerly asked the front desk guy if this class normally fills, and he looked at me kind of funny and was like, “um…not on a Friday night.”

Apparently he was right:

I tend to forget that normal people aren’t obsessed with going to the gym on a Friday night.  Haha.

There ended up being a total of 6 people in the class, including myself.

Now….I haven’t done a spin class in months….not since over at east 6 months, and I felt like I was going to die during the class.  I was huffing and puffing during the warm up….not a good sign when there are still 55 minutes to go.  It was soooooooo hard.  Ugh, getting back in shape is just plain difficult, painful, and really tests your mental strength as much if not more than your physical strength.

Nothing worth achieving is easy, right?

After class, I could barely walk, in part because I was so worn out, and in part because…..well, frankly, my crotch took a beating from the bike seat.  Haha.


So apparently, a bunch of schools in the country are outraged at how many Spicy Cheetos their students are eating.  Apparently, they are really addicting, and many schools are pushing to ban them from their schools.  I didn’t believe it at first…..of all the junk food out there, why do kids find not regular cheetos, but Spicy Cheetos so addicting??

Apparently for whatever reason, it’s true.  Here are some quotes from this Chicago Tribune article, titled Flamin’ Hot Cheetos inspire fanatic loyalty among kids:

“Once you start eating them, they are kind of addicting, and you can’t help it,” said sophomore Zian Garcia. “Personally I have been eating them for years, and I cannot stop. I just have this urge to eat them.”

Yet there is something about Flamin’ Hot Cheetos that inflames critics in a way that other snacks — including regular Cheetos — never did. Some schools and districts, including the Noble Street Charter School Network and the entire Rockford school district, have banned Flamin’ Hots by name, citing nutritional concerns.

“We don’t allow candy, and we don’t allow Hot Cheetos,” said Rita Exposito, principal of Jackson Elementary School in Pasadena, Calif. “We don’t encourage other chips, but if we see Hot Cheetos, we confiscate them — sometimes after the child has already eaten most of them. It’s mostly about the lack of nutrition.”

It’s not hard to find kids who say they eat Flamin’ Hots or similar products every day, sometimes even for breakfast. If that sounds like an addiction, some scientists say it may not be far from the truth.

A spokeswoman for 7-Eleven stores said the fever for Flamin’ Hots has spread well beyond the urban market and is strongest among 14- to 24-year-olds.

“It’s my No. 1 seller,” said Ali Bawazir, who owns Touchdown Food Mart in Chicago’s Lakeview neighborhood. “Kids get ’em for breakfast too. They’re crazy about them.”

“…. I ate them every day, even for breakfast, and I got really big. There were days when, if my mother didn’t buy them for me, I would get so mad. … It took me three months to quit.”

Random, huh?

Ok, gotta go and get started on my 16 miler.  I love running in the fall and winter, because you can start your run late and not worry about dying from a heatstroke.

2 Responses to “The addicting snack being banned from schools”

  1. womencyclists October 20, 2012 at 9:30 pm #

    Hilarious!! I went through several waves of flamin’ hot cheetos addictions myself, so I was not surprised. I would need to eat them a few times a day, the cravings were SO intense. And it’d get really weird. The last time I went through this phase, I needed salami, cheese, and flamin’ hot cheetos sandwiches. Gross, right!! Ugh–just thinking about it makes me want to puke!

    Luckily, it’s been about 2 years now since I’ve wanted them and have switched to a much healthier diet and lifestyle in general, so I’m hoping it doesn’t come back…anyway, thanks for the interesting post!

    • Julia October 21, 2012 at 6:31 am #

      So interesting how addicting these apparently are! And it’s funny that it’s not the regular cheetos…just the flamin hot cheetos!

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