My dream wedding cake

23 Oct

Monday Workout:  6 mile TM run. 

I got up super, duper early this morning to fit my studying in before my 7 am lecture, because I knew that tonight I wanted to fit a workout in AND watch the Bears on MNF.  With my boards in an another year, I’m being a lot stricter with myself when it comes to studying.

I wasn’t actually planning on running, but I was really in the mood for it, and the 6 miles literally flew by….let me tell you, having SIX miles FLY by on the treadmill is once in a blue moon phenomenon for me.  Usually ONE mile on the treadmill is too much for me.

I wanted to throw in a few upper body strength training exercises after my run.  I always try to do at least one strength exercises per workout and feel imbalanced if I’ve only worked my legs, but I had to make it home in time to catch the beginning of the Bears game.  Debate?  Nope.  I am beyond sick of politics.  The debate is not going to change my opinion, so…..GO BEARS!!

As a Kansas City girl, there are two questions I get asked a lot.

Number one:  So which Kansas City are you from, the Kansas one or the Missouri one?  

People always ask it as if it’s a really original, smart question to ask, but I get asked it all the time (I’m from a suburb on the Kansas side).  It doesn’t bother me, I just think it’s funny how often I get asked that. 

Number two:  How can you be a Bears fan if you are a die hard Chiefs fan?

It’s quite simple:  The Chiefs are AFC and the Bears are NFC.  If they played each other….yes, I would cheer for the Chiefs.  You can be a fan of more than one team, but you can only be a die hard fan of one team.

When I got home from the gym, I found our fridge well-stocked with lots of essentials:

Source:  Dean’s Tumblr Blog 

Our set up for the Bear’s game:

Can you guess which one was mine?  Yes, it was the one on the right, Devil Dancer, but before you go thinking I’m a wimpy beer drinker compared to Dean, let’s compare the alcohol content:

Dean’s Stout:

Dean’s beer.

My beer.

I don’t mess around ; )  But I can only drink up to one of these at a time.   For the record, Dean and I drink often and love searching around for good, unique beer (and wine), but we don’t drink a lot at once.

After dinner and a beer, dessert was necessary, so I had a piece of confetti cake that Emily and four year old Donovan made and brought over yesterday:

(picture not taken by me:  Source)

I just LOVE this type of cake and would secretly be thrilled to have a sprinkle coated confetti cake as my wedding cake, although I’m not sure how wedding-like it would look, especially if I let a four year old made it.  Haha, but dang would it taste good!!  ; )

3 Responses to “My dream wedding cake”

  1. Losing Lindy October 23, 2012 at 7:46 am #

    how about confetti on the inside, after all it is a party!:) Of course you could request confetti cake cupcakes for your shower.

  2. livehalffull October 23, 2012 at 8:35 am #

    My favorite beers are all Belgian which are usually high alcohol content. I like the one and done principle!

  3. Daphne @ Candy Coated Runner October 23, 2012 at 1:29 pm #

    I love funfetti cake! My roommate just made a bunch of cupcakes and I’ve been good and had only 1 so far!

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