Dean’s shocking confession

24 Oct

Tuesday workout:  41 minute spinning “class”, 1 mile inclined run, weights

From the time I looked at my gym’s class schedule early, early this morning (Tuesday morning, that is.  FYI, I’ve been writing my blog posts at night and posting them the next morning), I was set on doing a spin class this afternoon.  Unfortunately they only time they had was a 5:30 class, which means it would be really difficult to make.  Knowing it would be difficult to make on time, I packed my workout clothes with me this morning and sprinted directly over there on my bike as soon as I got done with work.

I proudly walked into the gym at 5:20, only to discover that the class was already completely full : (  I was pissed, because I was super pumped up to take the class.

Not to sound completely corny, but one of my favorite quotes centers around creating the circumstances you want if you can’t find them, soooooo….. I decided to do my own spinning “class” with n = 1….myself.  Fortunately I had a little help from my gym by the fact that they had cycling bikes in the main part of the gym, so I hopped on the bike, threw on my headset, and pounded it out for over 40 minutes doing a combination of sprints, hills, jumps, and tempo work on the bike to various songs on my shuffle.

My set up at the gym. I’m so glad they actually have somewhat legit stationary bikes in the gym. I hate pretty much all other stationary bikes, because they are just so awkward and unnatural to ride, and you can’t vary your resistance, speed, or position very well.

It ended up being a great, intense workout.  At the end I threw on an inclined mile on the TM to get my legs used to pushing through a run when they’re tired.

Speaking of my gym…I really like it.  It has a really unique style in regards to interior design, and it overlooks the river, which is kinda cool:

View from my gym.

I don’t really know anyone (except maybe two people) there, which I actually really like.  With my schedule the way it is with limited free time, I don’t care to socialize when I go to the gym.  I’m sure I look like the biggest bit*$ when I’m there, because I’m all business.  I don’t really make eye contact with anyone, can be pretty intense when I work out, and just focus on getting my sh*% done, but you know what….that’s how I like it.  At my old gym, I knew a TON of people, which was fun at times, but it was also awkward when I just wanted to go workout and get out of there, because if I didn’t say hi or wave to someone I knew, I’d worry they would perceive me as being rude.


Today Dean made a confession to me that was absolutely shocking:  He had never eaten eggs with ketchup until this morning!  What???   I had no idea of this about my future husband!  Eggs are just not complete without ketchup!  It’s like eating peanut butter without milk.  It is just wrong.  I don’t know how he lived nearly 30 years of his life without experiencing eggs and ketchup.

Not surprisingly, he loved it, and I think he may be hooked now.

3 Responses to “Dean’s shocking confession”

  1. Christina October 24, 2012 at 11:53 am #

    First, I admire your dedication to working out. Second, I also have never put ketchup on my eggs:) Christina

    • Julia October 24, 2012 at 12:01 pm #

      Well then you need to try it! I actually like it best mixed with hot sauce, to make it sorta like a spicy ketchup with the eggs. : )

  2. Losing Lindy October 25, 2012 at 1:26 pm #

    I have not had ketchup with eggs, my father puts ketchup on EVERYTHING, I rarely use it

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