Race Recaps

Posts related to specific marathons and recaps of specific events. 

10/2005:  Chicago Marathon.  Marathon time:  4:03.  My first marathon!  No recap, before started blogging.

10/2006:  Injured and during my third (busiest) year of medical school  No marathon.

10/2007:  Chicago (hot!) Marathon:  Marathon time:  3:58.  No recap, before started blogging.

10/2008:  Chicago Marathon (another hot one):  Marathon time:  3:37.  No recap, before started blogging.

11/2007:  Philadelphia Marathon.  Marathon time:  3:26.  No recap, before started blogging.

04/2008:  Boston Marathon.  Marathon time:  3:33.  No recap, before started blogging.

PR:  10/2009:  Chicago Marathon.  Marathon time:  3:19.  Retrospective Recap and pics.

10/10/10:  2010 CHICAGO MARATHON Photo Diary of a Marathon:  10.10.10 Chicago Marathon:  Marathon time:  4:04.  Since I was running “for fun” with no time goals, I decided to take advantage of my non-racing intentions and take photos throughout the marathon.

11/08/10:  2010 NYC MARATHON New York City Marathon (Part 3):  A Humbling Experience:  Marathon time:  3:46.  My recap from running in the NYC Marathon.

3/20/11: 2011 LA MARATHON Bandit running (part of) the 2011 LA Marathon.  A recap.

4/21/11:  2011 BOSTON MARATHON 2011 Boston Marathon Recap. Marathon Time:  3:53

10/9/11:  2011 CHCAGO MARATHON Photo Diary of the 2011 Chicago Marathon:  I bandit ran the last 10 miles of this race with my boyfriend.

10/16/11:  2011 KC MARATHON: KC Marathon Weekend.  Marathon Time:  3:38  A Recap of the race.

12/8/11:  2011 CALIFORNIA INTERNATIONAL MARATHON CIM Marathon Recap Marathon Time:  3:25

5/7/12:  Photo Diary and Race Report from 2012 Flying Pig Marathon

5/8/12:  Marathon #11 Recap: 2012 Flying Pig Marathon Marathon time:  3:26

5/12/12:  Chicago Spring Half Marathon Time:  1:34 

12/3/12:  Marathon #13 Recap: CIM 2012.  Marathon time 3:25:00

12/4/12:  Marathon splits and my training plan:  Splits from the 2012 CIM and how I trained for this marathon in 7 weeks.

3/18/14:  L.A. Marathon Recap at 20.5 weeks pregnant:  4:28

11/9/14:  Naperville Marathon at 15 weeks (3.5 months) post-partum:  3:29

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