Taken on a morning run.

Misc. posts relate to my spirituality/Faith:


2/10/11:  Anger:  About anger and coping mechanisms people use when there is a discrepancy between what we desire and what is reality.  This is in response to a series we did in my Church Small Group.

2/13/11:  Wisdom:  In response to a sermon at my Church given by JR Kerr.

2/27/11:  One of my favorite stories:  Les Miserables, a story of love, grace, redemption. Themes behind my all time favorite musical.

3/8/11:  Making the Most of What Life Throws You. Reflections on how short our life is after learning that friend’s sister was in a serious car accident.

3/18/11:  Nothing is Guaranteed.  Risk is Good: In response to a great sermon at my church by JR Kerr that had a powerful effect on me.

4/4/11:  Nature is the art of God: Emerson’s definition of success + some of my photography.

4/5/11:  On Pride: Quotes about pride + some of my photography

4/11/11:  I still haven’t found what I’m looking for.  About U2 and what this song says to me about our futile search for happiness and contentment from worldly ambitions and things.

4/14/11:  Using our Gifts: About what U2’s song, Magnificent, means to me.

5/9/11:  Facing Emotion:  written at a time when I was feeling sorrow about my friend’s fiance’s mom dying, anger about the stories I was reading in the holocaust memoir, Night, and feeling bad about missing mother’s day and not calling my grandparents enough.  About what people do to avoid uncomfortable emotions.

12/29/11:  Inevitable death.–my thoughts on what it must be like to face terminal cancer during my neuroradiology rotation, in response to reading may brain tumor scans–I also bring up issues dealing with Faith in such circumstances.

1/2/12:  The same things in life can be good or evil–a clip from Mitch Albom’s Have a little faith

1/2/12:  We all want the same things–a clip from Mitch Albom’s Have a little faith

1/5/12:  Anxiety and Insight

4/9/12:  Easter reflections and my two mile run.

One Response to “Faith”

  1. jaredrexclark September 25, 2013 at 8:51 am #

    U2 has some pretty amazing songs. Musically “Where the Streets Have No Names” has always made me think of heaven.

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