The Field of Medicine

Posts about my experiences as a medical resident….mostly about events or patients that have touched me in some way.

5/19/10 (originally written 6/22/09): First Week as an Intern:  Dealing with Death. My first few weeks of residency were in the intensive care unit.  This is an entry written shortly after my first encounter with having a patient die.

5/19/10 (originally written 10/24/09):  Falling Through the Cracks.  About a young homeless patient who died shortly after admission to the hospital, without a single friend or family member at his side.

5/23/10:  The Unexpected. A sudden, unfortunate and sad set of circumstances for a young patient and her family.

9/12/10:  When Hope is Gone: About how a former patient of mine dealt with her terminal illness.

11/23/10:  When the Human Brain Malfunctions…:  My thoughts regarding some of the tragic injuries and health problems I see (literally) that have affected people’s minds.   I include a few stories regarding my grandmother’s struggle with aphasia following a stroke and some of the head CT’s and MRIs I see every day of unfortunate patients.  I wrote this while I was on my neuroradiology rotation.

3/5/11:  After a brain injury: Written while on my neuroradiology rotation, this contains thoughts I’ve had after seeing images of the brain from persons who have had severe injury to their brain.  Some of my thoughts about what makes us who we are…what defines us, especially after a traumatic brain injury that affects the way we act and think.

3/6/11:  My Grandmother’s stroke: About the effects of a large ischemic stroke that left my grandmother with an inability to communicate with words (Broca’s aphasia)

4/5/11:  Terminal Cancer at 32.  Thoughts about what it is like to have terminal cancer.  This was written while on my breast imaging rotation.  I was struck by how many young people get cancer and by the pain they must endure.

4/13/11:  Telling a patient she has cancer: Delivering bad news and how different people respond to fear.

8/13/11:  Early-onset Alzheimer’s: Some thoughts after reading Still Alice, a book about a woman in her 50s with Alzheimers.

11/4/11:  Technology Presumes there’s Only One Right Way to do Things:  thoughts during my rotation at Children’s Memorial Hospital.  Wondering if the great technology that we have that can save lives of ill children is worth it, when they perhaps survive, but end up hooked up to machines and living in nursing facilities.

12/29/11:  Inevitable death.–my thoughts on what it must be like to face terminal cancer during my neuroradiology rotation, in response to reading may brain tumor scans.

1/25/12:  Web MD….

4/17/12:  Six years ago today…–on how much I’ve gone through since being a medical student 6 years ago….a reflection on how things have changed.

4/7/12:  A serious health condition–imaging of someone with metastatic melanoma

4/17/12:  Six years ago today…–on how much I’ve gone through since being a medical student 6 years ago….a reflection on how things have changed.

4/22/12:  Addressing difficult, emotional realities–reflections on terminal cancer and people who dealing with it (or did before they passed away)

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