5/19/10 (originally written 4/9/09) France Note #1:  My Trip There:  In April, 2009, I traveled to Europe for the first time in my life.  I worked in a hospital in both Strasbourg, France and Paris.  I also did a lot of traveling on the weekends.

7/3/10 (originally written 4/24/09) Impressions of French Food and Way of Life:  This highlights some of the differences in American vs. European culture that I observed after having been in Europe for a little over 2 weeks.

11/01/10:  Happy Halloween to All and 60th Birthday to My Dad: Traveling back home to Kansas for Halloween and my  father’s 60th birthday party.

11/11/10:  My Sister Takes on Raiders Fans at the Coliseum in Oakland:  Amazing/hilarious pics and video clips that my sister when she and some other brave Chiefs fans traveled to Oakland to cheer on the Chiefs when they played the Raiders at the Coliseum.

3/19/11:  Vegas!  My sister and my adventure in Vegas.

10/30/11:  Experiencing KC BBQ for the First Time:  Having grown up in KC, I finally experienced authentic KC BBQ for the first time.  

1/21/12:  Poccia sisters take on the auto show.  Detroit trip.

12/6/12:  Wine Heaven:  Our trip in Sonoma.

3/35/14:  Pictures from L.A.

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